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as if it were Our Own

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Your Home Chaperone Has Arrived!

Are you going to the cottage for the summer? Florida for the winter? Or last minute emergency trip and you need someone to watch and care for your home... that's where we come in.

What exactly is a Home Chaperone?

We like to think of it as a modern twist on the word "Butler"... kind of like a Mr. Carson for all those Downton Abbey fans. But unlike Butlers from the 1900's we are not living in your home, instead we are working for YOU to ensure your home is well looked after while away.

Why Hire Us as Your Home Chaperone?

Customized Service - This is our Specialty! Our Services are totally customized to the needs of you and your family. We will fill the fridge before you get back, take out the recycling, collect the mail, let the electrician in... you name it... we will help!

Emergency 24/7 Service - Yup, you read that right, we are available 24/7 for emergencies

Insured - Peace of Mind

We love what we do! - No two days are the same and being of service to others is what we strive for. We learn, grow and build lasting friendships. This is why we love what we do

Let's chat and work together on a plan that best suit your needs.